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Benefits of Side Support Bras

You may be happy to be blessed with a bountiful bust.  But imagine yourself taking a brisk walk while wearing a regular bra.  Do you feel pain as your breasts are flopping up and down, side to side?  This happens when you fail to wear a fitting side support bra.  Side support bras will give you the needed coverage and support while minimizing the appearance of your large fronts.

A side support bra is designed to function exactly as its name suggests:  to support the sides of your breasts, to prevent them from spilling sideways.  If your breasts are overly large, the side support bra can make them look smaller by 2 inches.  If you’re always having a hard time with your button down shirts, the side support bra is ideal for you. It can also help if you are wearing fitted tops, because these tops can make your breasts look larger than they are.  A side support bra can make your bust line sides look smaller.

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When you are wearing a side support bra, you experience significantly less bounce than you would have when wearing a regular bra.  Unlike your arms and legs, your large breasts need more support from a side support bra, because what your busts have are only fatty tissues and mammary glands and do not have supportive components like muscles and bones.  Without a side support bra, it is impossible to control how your extended fronts move. Besides, the movements could be painful and sometimes even embarrassing.

Besides support to the breast sides, the side support bras have back closures and adjustable straps that offer a customizable fit for you.  Even when you engage in high impact activities, the side support bras will keep your D or DD cups from bouncing.  And what’s more, side support bras are made of fabrics that keep you cool and dry by wicking away moisture.  This will help you avoid chafing problems that may develop if you wear a bra in prolonged periods.

When choosing a side support bra, select one that really fits and supports well.  This should never be a given with your big breasts.  Your side support bra should also be comfortable, never poking under the arms which some styles do.  You may have some good bras, but you also need a side support bra that would not show a lacy texture or some kind of design under your silk blouses, t-shirts, etc. The underside should also be smooth so it will not show through.

Size is the biggest issue when you are looking for the right side support bra. The wrong size of side support bra can cause back rolls, painful marks from shoulder straps, and side spillage. This will make you look heavier than you really are.  It will also result in a messy appearance. 

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