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Back Support Bras That Soothe Aches and Pains

When you think about it, women’s backs carry around quite a load everyday, but  back support bra can correct this issue.

The extra weight caused by breasts can cause many women to slouch forward. The problem is exacerbated with bra straps that are too thin and support all the weight unevenly across the shoulders, neck, and back. If not corrected, slouching may cause irreversible damage to the spine. Breast reduction procedures are expensive and not a feasible option for most women. This procedure involves a three month recovery period where all strenuous physical activity must be avoided. Patients who undergo this procedure are at risk of infection and misshapen breasts, and the risks are heightened for women who are obese or are regular smokers.

Exercises to strengthen the back muscles help correct bad posture and back problems, but in the meantime (as strength isn't gained overnight) a back support bra diminishes the adverse effects of gravity’s pull on women with fuller figures. Posture improving bras combined with a few minutes of at-home back strengthening exercises can help to reduce back pain.

Back Support Bras | FinallyBra

Back support bras are recommended for women whose cup size is above C. Posture correction achieved by a simple bra seems like a cure that is too good to be true. Many women complain that back support bras are tighter than normal bras, but really this is because they haven’t found the right fit.

FinallyBra offers great back support without the conventional look and feel of most back support bras. FinallyBra typically features wide shoulder straps that prevent the skin from chafing and wide back wing that pushes the shoulders back for improved posture. The effect caused by pushing the shoulders back gives the bust a perkier appearance. FinallyBra uses soft and breathable fabric that is made of nylon/Lycra spandex, silk fibroin and moisture wicking cotton. FinallyBra strives to make fashion forward bras that takes the strain off your back so that busty ladies do not have to worry about having wardrobe options with bulky bras that look too obvious under clothing.

Before getting dressed and after laundering your delicates, take the time to adjust the straps for proper fit and support. Taking the time to do even the simplest things can make a difference in relieving your pain and discomfort. It is crucial to always wear a back support bra everyday as gravity will cause your breasts to sag and stretch the breast tissue downward. Help your posture by making a conscious effort to sit up and walk straight. Hand wash or machine wash you bras in a lingerie bag to avoid damage and ensure they have a longer life. Please don't put bras in the dryer. Taking care of your back support bras will help them to take care of you.

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