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Back Support Bra for Dresses

If you want to make a fashion statement, you must remember that whatever you wear under your dress carries the same weight as what you wear outside.  They are both important especially if you have extra large breasts so that your posture is suffering and you constantly experience pains on your upper body.  So what you need is a back support bra, which is also called a posture support bra.  The names came from how the bra is used:  (1) to support the back and protect it from injuries, and (2) to encourage you to always stay aligned and have good posture.

Different women need different levels of support – some may need firmer support while a lighter support may suffice to others.  But there should be no worries about this, as there are light support posture bras in the market alongside the super firm support options. 

Back Support Bra | FinallyBra

Back support bras and posture support bras are popular for both small and large breasted women looking for a world of comfort.  Usually the straps of bacck support bras are wider and padded to counteract the stress on your shoulders. The cups are also padded and often are full coverage.  And the back of the posture support bra has reinforcement bands.  The appearance of a back support bra is traditional, but very durable.  It is more functional than fashionable, so that women are looking for ways to conceal their posture support bra. Here are some dressing tips that can help you look trendy even if you have a back support bra under your dress and other outfits.

1.  Wear a black long line support bra under your day dress.  Many models of this bra look like basques, so you can pair it easily with a stretch slip.

2.  Wear a sleeveless, mock neck shirt under a long sleeved t-shirt.  You can roll up the sleeves if you like.

3.  For weekends, a cotton college tee in bright color would be great.  Its length should reach your mid hip, though.

4.  Wear a button front shift dress with short sleeves; pair it with a pair of support hose and a waist cincher if you are after a slim effect in the evening.

5.  Consider trying layering.  Use wraps and shrugs to do this.

6.  You may choose cap sleeved shirts. Or, regular short sleeved tees over a tube or off shoulder top, or anything that will show off the straps.

There are types of bras that are nice to show, like the types that are worn under lace or see through tops.  However, women who are using a back support bra do not want their bras to be shown underneath what they are wearing.  The above suggestions will help to pair the bra with different dress styles.  You can experiment with mixing and matching some tops to go with the back support bra.  There are unlimited options to do this.  But the most important is that your back is properly supported and that your posture continues to improve.  After all, these are the functions of a back support bra, also known as posture support bra. 

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