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A Method to Find Your Own Bra Size

Things in women’s life can be confusing. An example is the bra size, which to many women is a myth.  It is one measurement that is misunderstood by most women, resulting in tops and dresses not looking good, squashed and irritated breasts, and complete style disasters.  Wearing a wrong size bra can put you in unpleasant circumstances you wouldn’t ever dream of experiencing.

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Why women wear the wrong size bra is a simple reason:  they do not know what bra size really means, and they do not know how to go about finding what it is.  Some of us women are comfortable getting a “professional fit”.  That is, we visit a lingerie store and have the experts take our measurements to calculate our bra size.  However, still many women don't feel comfortable doing this.  So, we list below a step by step, easy and quick guide to a private and personal bra fitting.

You will need a tape measure for obvious reason.  You will also need a mirror where you can stand in front to see what you are doing and you are doing it right.  Prepare also a paper and pen, for you to record your measurements.

Firstly, take your band size by measuring underneath your boobs.  Stand before the mirror holding a tape measure.  Start at the middle front under your bust, then pass the tape measure behind the back up to the front.  The measurement indicates your band size.  You may want to put it on paper if you are not good at remembering things:  Band measurement = 34 inches (for example only).

Secondly, find your cup size.  You need to do three things here.  1): put the tape measure up to your armpits to measure above the boobs.  Record it down as:  above breast level = 36 inches.  2): take your breast measurement at nipple level. Move the tape measure down to your nipples and write it down as  nipple level:  38 inches.  3): subtract the “above breast level” measurement from the “nipple level”, and you get the cup size.  The difference in measurements corresponds to a letter of the alphabet.  If the difference is 0 to ½”, your cup is AA; if it is 1”, it’s cup A, and so on.  In the examples above, there’s a 2” difference, which translates to a B cup.  Couple it to your band measurement of 34”, and you get your bra size of 34B.

When buying a bra, make sure you know your accurate size.   Always remember that every bra is constructed by different manufacturers, in different fabrics and styles.  No two bras have the same fitting, regardless of the numbers on the tag.  The brutal fact is: your bra size should be changing with every brand name and style.

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