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Our Story

FINALLYBRA was founded in 2011 by women who dreamed about making truly supportive, lifting, quality, and push in push up bras. 

One of our original founders, a petite curvy woman who sized 34DD, had extreme difficulty at finding a bra offering enough support.  “I am pretty endowed although I wear size 0 clothes.  My breasts spread sideways and were not at all supported wearing whatever brand of bras.  Then I was thinking the best way to solve this problem is that I create my own bras”.  Another original founder, mom of three who had a common size of 38C, had experienced looser upper body fat and saggy breasts.  “I walked to the store and asked to be fitted and given opinions about how to fix the loosen fat under arms and at back, the person plainly told me to buy the most expensive bras. Guess what, the bras did not work and stretched out less than six months”.  “Bra shopping became our common interest, then one day we asked ourselves: why don’t we just make bras that can fix the problems most women like us have?  It would be great if we add some sort of variety to the existing market to fit more body types”.

Then here we are today. The design and quality of our products and our warm customer service have helped us establish a loyal customer base which keeps expanding every day. We take pride in offering women options with their bras, whether they enjoy wired bras or extra padding. In addition, our bras assist in pushing up saggy breasts without sacrificing beauty; our underwear, made from the best fabric and sewing technology, also provide sheer comfort. Our products match any dress or outfit, enlightening the areas that need perked up, and those areas that may have sagged before.

Our goal at FINALLYBRA is to fit every woman with the best brazier for their body’s curves, whether women want an extra push up push in or embroidery to flatter their style.  It’s our commitment to provide the best bras and underwear to our customers made from the best materials.