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Wireless Bra Or Bralette For A Sick Day 0

You woke up this morning feeling like death warmed over, a headache that's well on its way to a migraine and nausea so bad you skip breakfast. To top it all off, you've got a stuffed up nose and a fever. It's a sick day, alright. You don't feel much like wearing anything other than your pajamas, but you've still got to go to work!

Picking the right bra for a sick day is a tough choice. None of them look appealing, but you can't very well forego one. As far as you know, there are laws regarding public decency that need to be followed, and your breasts don't need a criminal record. What's the best type of bra for a sick day? Thankfully, there's more than one.

The Wireless Bra

This may very well be everyone's favorite bra in general. It's so comfy, and it isn't constrictive like most other bras are. Sports bras may seem like a good option, but they squash your breasts into such little space that you're lucky you don't shrink a couple cup sizes after wearing one. Your breasts weren't meant to be squished – it's why you hate mammograms so much.

Shape by Orlinas Delicate Lacy Wireless Bra SB1602

Shape by Orlinas Delicate Lacy Wireless Bra SB1602

Wireless bras come in a wide selection of sizes, so bigger-breasted gals don't have to worry about being left out in the cold. These bras provide just the right amount of support to avoid back pain while you're sleeping a cold off at home, and they're not too bad for a short work day at the office. Being under the weather doesn't have to mean being under-supported. Premium quality wireless bra can provide just as much support as a wired one, and lighter colors are perfect for thinner clothing that will keep you from sweating too much when you have a fever.

 Shape by Orlinas Romantic Push In Push Up Wireless Bra SB1604

Shape by Orlinas Romantic Push In Push Up Wireless Bra SB1604

The Bralette

This bra isn't as dainty as the name would have you believe. In fact, it may just beat the wireless bra for “Most Comfortable Bra Ever.” Bralettes don't have your typical cup formations with hard underwire, but they aren't tight and constrictive like sports bras are. Bralettes are the perfect middle man, and if you're staying at home on a sick day, they're your best friend.

Bralettes require little effort to adjust, but you can lengthen or shorten the straps of most. The space for your breasts can also be given a little leeway; a lot of bralettes won't come in cup sizes, but rather in regular sizes like small, medium, large and XL. It takes the fuss out of finding your cup size amongst the sprawl of selections.

Other Options 

You can also try T-shirt bras for a comfortable fit, or you can go the cami bra route. Cami bras have a broader coverage for your breasts, so there's really no need to ensure they're particularly perky. You'll get enough support to keep body aches away while letting your breasts hang free (so to speak).


Reasons Your Bra Straps Slip 0

Women with narrow shoulders and shoulders that slope too much are most likely to experience bra strap slippage.  However, these are not the only reasons for such problem.  We maintain that straps falling off women’s shoulders can also be the result of poorly fitting bras. Here are several other reasons why your bra straps keep on slipping, and how to resolve the issue.

Cup size is too big.

This can mean two things:  (1) that you are not properly fitted when you bought the bra, so the cups are not filled enough with breast tissue and do not apply tension on the straps, and (2) as you age, you lose the volume on the top of your breasts, creating an empty space on the cups. If the bra cups are not filled enough to apply tension on the straps, the latter will naturally fall off your shoulders. You need to go one cup size smaller and scoop your breast tissue into the cups to be sure that they are filled properly.

Bra strap fall of | push in push up bra Orlinas

The straps are very loose.

Bra straps can be, and should be adjusted. They need to be tight enough to provide the required 10% support to the breasts’ weight. (The other 90% should come from the bra band). If the straps cannot provide this 10% support, they will tend to fall off. They should, however, not be too tight to prevent the bra band from getting pulled upward.

The bra back is not properly positioned when worn.

This happens when you prepare to go to school or work in the morning, hurrying to get out of the house without even checking if you’ve worn your bra the right way and everything is in its proper place. This is an important factor for comfort during your entire day. After you’ve worn the bra, reach back and pull the bra back down, to make sure that it is placed correctly.

The bra back is expanded.

The straps will be farther apart when your band is too large.  According to a lot of survey, a common mistake women make for bra fitting is wearing a bigger band and smaller cup sizes.  The bigger band size than necessary contributes to straps falling off your shoulders.  Obviously, the cure is that you adjust the size of your bra – go up in size of the band and down in size of the cup.  This will make a good fit and prevent strap slippage. 

The bra style is not right for you.

Every woman’s body is different, so not every style will fit you and the dress that you wear. The square-shouldered women can have even the wide-set straps in bras, while those with narrow and sloping shoulders should consider carefully the placement of straps on the bras that they buy. Knowing your body style and the bra styles that will fit you will help a lot.

The bottom line here is that a properly fitting bra is very important, for your comfort and for prevention of straps slippage. If you haven’t been to a measurement yet, maybe it is time to measure and find the size and style of bra that supports and doesn't fall down your shoulders.

When You Need a Good, Supportive Bra 0

In doing any form of body movements especially when you have larger than normal breasts, the most important thing to consider is support for your breasts.  Not every bra does this job, so it is important to determine which type will give you the comfort and support that you actually need. 

You certainly do not want your girls to be flying all around, and you also would not want issues such as skin rashes, pain, and difficulty in breathing.  Why?  The breasts are held up by the Cooper’s ligaments which give them the shapes and sizes.  Once the Cooper’s ligaments are stretched, they cannot return to their original position anymore.  When you run or even just walk, breasts move in and out, up and down and from one side to the next.  Without proper support, a cup A breasts travel in each direction about an inch and a half.  For a cup D, they certainly will bounce up to 3 inches, stretching the Cooper’s ligaments with every bounce. Essentially, what protects the anatomy of a breast is a bra that lifts, supports and reduces the bouncing, the stretching and stress on the breast tissue.

Women in the military have to deal with this issue everyday.  Some people erroneously believe that the Army will issue the bras to use when training, but not necessarily.  So if you are expecting to be member of the military, you need to prepare quite a few regular and sports bras, and most importantly, they have to be truly supportive.  The same solution is for women who have daily intense activity to participate in.  Pick ones with more support if your activities are high impact; and for low-impact activities, get the less constrictive bras.

Good support bras do not restrict, allowing you to breathe as easily as you can.  The feel these bras give should be that your body is moving with them, rather than you’re breathing against them.  Wide, sturdy and adjustable straps normally offer great support; breathable fabric, properly tight elastic band, and multiple rows of fasteners are all necessary for providing the flexibility and comfort.

If you don’t want to limit your choices to only sports bra, meaning you want the support AND the delicate and feminine appearance, there isn’t too many places or brands to go and get a good supportive bra.  Fortunately, Orlinas Bras are designed with all these needs in mind and they are quality, supportive and sexy.  Additionally you can actually wear them for exercise without the hassle of changing to a sports bra.  They are also perfect for business casual or a romantic dating night.  Isn’t it nice?!

What Cause Armpit Fat, or Underarm Bulge

What Cause Armpit Fat, or Underarm Bulge 14

If you have that fat under your arms, how would you feel?  Would you be comfortable and confident at how you look, especially when you are in a tank top, or a strapless/sleeveless dress?  No, you won’t be. This excess fat is commonly called armpit fat, or underarm bulge or armpit lump, or armpit bulge, or armpit fat hang; but whatever name you call it, it’s unsightly and definitely an eyesore.

There are many factors that cause armpit fat. It could be a genetic trait for some people. If you know your mother, aunt and grandmother all had this issue, then you should not be surprised that you have this problem also. If the upper body is not used very actively, such as working with your arms, or in strength training, you may possibly develop this armpit lump because the muscle tone to tighten up this area is very little. Another thing is the size of your breasts.  Do you have naturally large breasts? If you say yes, then the fat content in your chest is already high, and the chances of developing armpit fat hang is also high. Other contributory factors to underarm bulge include being overweight and hormonal imbalance and changes.

However, the most common cause of armpit fat is wearing a bra that does not properly fit.  When you wear a bra with cups too small for your boobs, then the tendency of your breast tissue would be to “escape” or “migrate” to the underarms region. This happens also if the band is not fitted right to your body. Overall, it is reported that 80% women do not wear a fitted bra. But even if you get your size right, it is still very usual that you have the armpit fat, as most bras on the market are not designed to prevent or cure this issue, if not worsen it, the following is an illustration of underarm fat rolls even the bra sizing is not the cause.

Armpit Fat | FinallyBra No Bulge Bra

No Underarm Bulge Full Coverage Convertible Push In Push Up Bra

Different women with armpit fat have different approaches to this problem.  Some try diet and exercise combined in the hope of losing the fat in their underarms. Others use topical creams containing licorice, but more studies must be done, though. More positive results are needed to prove its effectiveness. Some people who can afford agree to syringe liposuction or cosmetic surgery, which cost a lot of money.  This will also be painful; and if you are terribly overweight, only a few surgeons will agree to do it on you.  Your doctor can’t expect to see good results on this procedure.

To eliminate the appearance of armpit fat, the first and maybe the easiest thing to do is to find the correct size either by yourself or some experts. Having the right size, you need to select the bra styles that offer strong side support and push in function which help to push and cover more breast tissue under the cups. If you try an underwire bra, see where the wire ends:  it should be on the rib cage, not on the breast tissue. The wire ending on the breast tissue means that the cups are too small.  If your skin still bulges even if the cup encircles your entire breasts, get a larger size of back band. FinallyBra is the only brand that designs with preventing and banishing armpit fat in mind and see the picture below for the quick and stunning results.

Push In No Armpit Fat Bra | FinallyBra No Bulge Bra

No Underarm Bulge Full Coverage Convertible Push In Push Up Bra

How you wear a bra matters too. You need first fasten the band, then place your breasts inside the cup and slip the straps. After that, scoop the breast tissue that is under your arms and place them inside the cups, making sure that they are settled.  Adjust the straps to a two-finger tension.  See here for a detailed guidance of how to wear a bra right.

Bra is actually one of the most important pieces for women because it makes you look pretty when wearing right and magnifies your imperfection when you get it wrong. Get a right bra and wear it right, it is all that simple!

Bra Mistakes That You May Be Guilty Of Making (And How You Can Correct Them) 0

The bras being so small and simple yet so complicated is difficult to understand.  You buy them with so much anxiety; you hand wash them with time consuming efforts, and you put them on under your dress to find that your top does not look great over it.  But don’t worry, your day can still be saved.  Below is a list of some of the many bra mistakes that you may be guilty of making. There are so many of them in fact, but I will give you several.  There is an explanation under each mistake to guide you how to correct it.

Buying the wrong size bra

Many women seemingly do not know how to buy their bras in the right size. Some deliberately buy bigger sizes than the actual to make their boobs look bigger, while others buy smaller bras to make them look smaller. This is wrong.  You must accept your breasts whatever is the size and this is what you should buy. Wearing the right size bra will make you feel confident, enhance your image and improve your posture.

Not getting fitted professionally

To buy the correct bra size, you should first get yourself measured either by following the fitting guide yourself or by a professional fitter.  You might say that you don’t need one, or your can get a friend to get your measurement.  Is your friend skilled in bra fitting? If not, she might get it all wrong.  It is also possible that some fitters in the lingerie store are not trained well, so it is probably safer that DIY by following some professional guidance yourself (you can use our Orlinas Bra Fitting guide).  You’ll enjoy wearing your bras after these few moments and don’t forget to have yourself re-measured at least every half year.

Washing bras on a weekly or bi-weekly basis

You maybe one of those women who wear bras too many times before having them washed. Perhaps you only have two favorites that you rotate.  The first advice is for you to add more numbers, so you can wash your bra after a day or two of wearing.  Bras need also to rest, to allow the elastics to return to their normal form. Many days in between washes is not advisable because the oil from our skin can accumulate on bras and damage the fabric.  This means that you would need to buy replacement bras sooner than you expect.

Replacing your bra after a couple or more years

The common advice from bra professionals is to replace the bra after nine months up to a year. This may be applicable if your have a small collection of everyday wear bras, but if you have larger stocks and have more to rotate, then each of your bras may last longer.  Replacing your bra may also be necessary if you suddenly gained or lost weight, but get re-measured first before making a purchase.

Not looking close enough at yourself when trying on a bra

When trying on a bra, check everything:  spill-over, band, straps, cups, back fat, etc.  It is recommended to simulate some daily activities you normally conduct to see whether the bra provides the right functions you desire, like lift, support, style etc.  Women in military, teachers and nurses may desire strong supportive bras, and office ladies may pay more attention to the style. 

Should a Woman Sleep In a Bra? 0

If you ask several women this question, you’ll likely be answered with either a “yes” or a “no”. Those who say “yes” find wearing a bra at all times, even in bed, a necessity.  They explain further that they want the additional support to prevent issues about premature sagging.  Women who answered with a “no” say that they are not comfortable with their bras on while sleeping. Others are concerned that they can develop breast cancer, if they habitually sleep in a bra.

Some health and beauty websites are consulting scientists who are studying the chemistry of a woman’s breasts, and they also have varied opinions to share. Those who advise women to always tuck in their breasts before going to bed cite the reason of gravity. It could only be either that your breasts are unsupported while you sleep for eight hours, or they are supported while you sleep for eight hours. The logic is as simple as that, although there are other factors that cause sagging breasts like pregnancy, breast feeding, and age.

Breasts that are held up stay up longer, one scientist says. To prove this point, look at your breasts at the end of the day, when you take off your bra.  Look at them again before you put your bra on in the morning, and you’ll see the difference.  Your breasts look higher after taking off the bra than before you put them on in the morning. However, this advice of wearing a bra at night does not apply to all breast sizes, as it all depends on the size of your breasts.  If your cup size is an A or a B, it is okay, no worries.  If your cups are larger than a D, say DD and up, you’d better wear one at night.  Your breasts may hurt when they sleep unsupported, so a bra is definitely needed, besides the support reasons.

Some scientists, though, are looking more at the discomfort when women wear a bra to bed than the issue of sagging breasts.  They say that changes in the breasts like sagging are caused by several factors, as mentioned above, and that it cannot be evidently said that it is helpful to sleep in a bra.  The story of a woman who wore a bra to sleep when she was only ten years old was also cited.  The garment was sort of a training bra, so it was very comfortable.  However, when she grew up and started wearing supportive bras some of which have under wires, sleeping in it became very uncomfortable.

Analyzing the pros and cons of wearing a bra to bed, I would like to say that this issue is just a matter of a wearer’s personal comfort.  If you do not feel like wearing one to sleep, then don’t worry about the sagging and drooping concerns.  If you want the support that bra offers even in the bed, then go ahead.  Just remember that you do not use a bra with an under wire, so you don’t get cyst(s) or irritated breasts.  Use a soft cup or a good sports bra; they are more suitable for sleeping.