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A Bra That Only Unhooks When You’re In Love? 0

From time to time, some news is published about high tech undergarments being developed, or introduced to the market. A group of Indian students have recently invented a bra that zaps sexual attackers; and Microsoft is in the process of researching a smart bra. The news doesn’t stop there, because another one is popping up; and it is all about the True Love Tester bra.  This is a bra developed by Tokyo-based lingerie brand, Ravijour.  What’s unique about this bra is that it will only unhook when you are in love.

Ravijour, working with a team of fancy engineers, have made this bra possible. Ever wonder how True Love Tester bra works?  Basically, the cups of True Love Tester bra have built-in sensors that measure the speed and pattern of the beat of your heart.  A wireless signal is sent to a device similar to a blue-tooth in your cell phone. Your heartbeat rate will then be determined by these sensors.  So, when you meet someone with whom you have a deeper attraction, or you are in love with, this will cause your heart rate to increase.  The clasp (which is at the front), will glow pink; and once you’re already on the threshold of true love, it will pop open.

If you doubt the accuracy of the True Love Tester bra, the company says that it can distinguish the kind of increased heartbeat coming from dancing vigorously or using the elliptical from that increased rate caused by love.  What’s more, True Love Tester bra can tell whether or not what you feel for someone is just a flirtatious feeling. The company further says that the main purpose of the bra is to prevent you going into sexcapades that you might regret afterwards.

What if you are having dinner with that guy that you like, and you suddenly felt that you’re in love with him?  Will the True Love Tester bra pop open right there and then, even if you are not inside the bedroom? I surely think so.  What will you do if this happens to you? Some other questions come to my mind about this bra.  For example, can you unhook it by yourself, if you want to change clothes, not to make love? Won’t you be embarrassed if this bra decides to just pop open when you’re in love but just not yet ready to show your breasts to the guy?

Questions, questions, and more questions need to be answered.  Considering the bra is coded and engineered, I don’t think it will ever resolve all the possible situations when the heart beat increases while it should not be unhooked.  Fantastic idea it is, I will probably just stick with my traditional bras.

  • Sofia Johnson
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Breasts Are Known By Many Different Names 0

I guess you’ve read about Gok Wan having been criticized by some Australian consumers about the ad campaign that he recently made for retailer Target. It was not just criticism, but a complaint was actually filed against him in Australia’s Ad Standards Board (ASB).  Oh, wait a moment.  Who is Gok Wan, by the way?  Gok Wan is a British fashion consultant, TV presenter and author. He got into trouble when he referred to women’s breasts as “assets” and “bangers” in the above mentioned ad campaign. He actually told women to “wear a correctly sized bra so “your bangers will feel more loved”.

Gok Wan also used the word “assets” to refer to breasts in the same promotion. These 2 words were not liked by some, and this resulted in their action against him.  However, both the retailer Target and the ASB stood by Gok Wan in this issue. The published complaints obviously show that the complainants are homophobic, meaning they hate or fear the homosexuals or homosexuality. Gok Wan is, openly, a gay.

When I write about breasts and bras, I also use words other than breasts:  tits, chest, boobs, twins, girls, etc. Using different terms will prevent the article from being boring. Sometimes there are also instructions to limit the use of the keyword “breasts” and not to overdo it.

You’ll be fascinated by how people can come up with different names for breasts, while you can call it by its real name in a straightforward manner. “Assets” or “bangers” to refer to breasts seem fine and fun to me; and even more fun are the hundreds of slang words used for breasts.  Try digging for them from the internet.  Some that you may find are fun to say, or do not make any sense, or evoke amusing imagery, or food related.  Examples are “melons”, “fun bags”, “the twins”, or “the girls”. You may also find some worst expressions such as “fried eggs”, “milk wagon”, “lungs”, “knockers”, “hooters”, “missiles” that sound as if they were taken from an anatomy textbook.

What name or names do you want to call your breasts?  Are you offended by the terms “bangers” and “assets”? Will the context matter?  I just noticed in the Gok Wan news article that some people are offended by the terms and say they are not used appropriately. Do you find the word “bangers” a derogatory term for breasts?  Or do you dispute how the breasts are described as “assets”?  Or, don’t you like the ad because the presenter is a homosexual?

Well, so much for that.  There’s good news about the Target bras. Shortly after the complaints were filed, women flocked to the retailer store and filled their carts with bras of their size. They liked the ad; thought it was hilarious.  They said they did not care about the terms used to refer to breasts, and the publicity created by the complainants has called their attention to Target bras. If I were in Australia, I’d do the same. 

  • Sofia Johnson
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How to Become Less Controversial When Breastfeeding In Public 0

There have already been issues about mothers breastfeeding their babies in public places – the parks, malls, markets, moving cars, and so on. Some people just couldn’t understand why they have to do that.  The act became more controversial when photos of two military women nursing their babies while they are in uniform came out.  Even if the photo was part of breastfeeding awareness campaign it still sparked outrage. So, it is a social issue which you can’t expect to find a resolution soon.

The public reactions to the photo are very surprising, because the military does not prevent the Air Force mothers to breastfeed, even in public.  It is a legal act; in fact, it is encouraged among moms, thus the awareness campaign. While there are rules about wearing the military uniforms, there is no specific policy about breastfeeding while in uniform.  However, military people are always advised to be careful of their appearance whenever they are in uniforms. 
Perhaps, the public is concerned about the breasts getting exposed while the babies are fed. The photo in question shows one breastfeeding mother with her both breasts showing, and only her nipples are covered by the babies, who obviously are twins.

I believe this concern can be solved in part if mothers wear nursing bras.  The military mothers seem to be not wearing any bra when the photo was taken. Perhaps the photograph will not get this much controversy had it shown that the mothers are wearing nursing bras, and very little or no part of the breast is exposed.

A nursing bra is a special kind of bra designed to provide support to lactating women besides allowing them to breastfeed their babies comfortably. This bra need not be removed or lifted up to give access to your baby, as its cups have flaps that you can easily open and close with a single hand. When you are in public, nursing your infant requires only minimal effort, and you can minimize any unwanted attention from people around you. It is suited to wear with different outer garments, and you can also avoid the issues of leaks because the bra cups allow you to insert pads between feedings.

There are lots of nursing bras in the market, but don’t buy yet if you are in your first months of pregnancy.  The reason is that your breasts can get larger after giving birth, so wait until the last month.  Buy only two  to three pieces after you got yourself measured.

To choose the best nursing bra, look for flexibility; it should allow enough room as your breast milk starts coming in. The cup opening should be enough for your baby to feed. Other features to look for when buying a nursing bra includes 4 hook-and-eye fastenings, wide shoulder straps, broad back and side panels, deep front center, and cups that easily unclasp. Avoid buying very tight nursing bras, so as not to squeeze or constrict your breasts and prevent the smooth flow of milk.  Wearing tight bras can also result in conditions like mastitis setting in.

  • Sofia Johnson
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There Is a Bra Vending Machine to Serve You - In Tokyo, Japan Now 0

Japan has become famous for its vending machines that dispense almost everything, from drinks and beverages, to handkerchiefs, to eggs, to snacks, to freshly cut apples, and many more items. The latest product that has been made available through a vending machine is the farthest from what you expect:  bras.

Surprised?  It is true, and it is a reality – in Tokyo, Japan.  Putting up a bra dispensing machine is the idea of Wacoal, a popular Japanese bra brand.  The machine is stationed at the Wacoal’s Une Nana Cool specialty shop in Sibuya.  It is very obvious that the machine is part of Wacoal’s publicity stunt, and it seems that it is doing well.  The company’s goal for this year is to sell 45,000 Fun Fun Week lines of undergarments at the Wacoal stores.

To get your bra from the vending machine, you only have to look at the size chart that is displayed alongside the machine. You choose your size, the bra style and color.  Then you insert your payment (just like when you are getting a snack from a machine).  The bras are priced at US $30, or JPY 2,940.  At the push of a button, you can see the machine dispensing the purchased bra.  Cool, isn’t it.  You need not tell the sales staff your bra size (and you don’t even need to talk to them, unless your money gets captured by the machine).

Of course, as in every new product or system that is introduced to the market, there will always be opposing comments.  Some say it’s rather strange to buy your bra from a vending machine, because you don’t get to try them on.  Others say this idea originated from an old man. However, women may find it easier to get their bras from a machine, compared to visiting one lingerie shop after another. The machine is also ideal when you need a bra in a hurry (for whatever reason), and you’re just a short walk away from the Une Nana shop.

If you’re traveling to Tokyo and intentionally left your bras behind, because you don’t have any plan of wearing one while you’re there, the vending machine can be a great help during instances when you need to get a bra.  This is applicable during instances when you need to go to an unexpected event, where going braless is taboo.

Most women do not like bra shopping; they don’t like talking to strangers about their breast sizes.  They hate it when they need to go to the fitting room, take off their clothes and try on a bra, then put on the clothes again to get another style, and back to the fitting room.  It seems like a big hassle for them.  The bra vending machine is great, if you know your exact size.  However, it is working only in Japan.  How would you wish to see machines such as these positioned in malls around the world?

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Bra-free When Reporting On Live TV? 0

Shea Allen, a reporter of WAAY, an affiliate of ABC in Huntsville, Alabama, got trouble at work for admitting that she had gone braless during a live report.  According to reports, Allen posted ten things on her personal blog titled “Confessions of a Red Headed Reporter”.

She was ordered to put the posts down, which she did.  However, after some thoughts, she put it up again with a revised title:  “No Apologies:  Confessions of a Red Headed Reporter”. This incident made news, but the WAAY management would not comment on such “personnel” matter. Allen, for her part, was so surprised that something she posted on her personal blog and outside of the WAAY office would make her lose her job. Her co-workers, when asked, offered mixed reviews:  Some say that Allen is a ticking time bomb while others praise her good performance, being trustworthy, and being dedicated to her job.

In an interview, Shea Allen said that she believes she was fired more because of the “braless” issue than the other nine confessions she made. (She did not say in the post that she has always been doing it). What do you think?  Is going braless during a live telecast sufficient ground to get sacked? 

We have seen plenty braless photos of Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Aniston, Lea Michelle, Khloe Kardashian, etc.  These personalities can be very sensual and fearless of what people say about them.  They can go braless to up their sexy image while showing off their toned tummies. They can show off more than what people expect of them and are brave to face the scandals of being braless. They can put their nipples in full display and don’t care if they become very distracting.

But TV reporter is not in showbiz although being seen by millions, young and old, men and women.  Maybe it is more appropriate that a woman reporter wear a bra for her job even if the company has no written policy about wearing a bra when reporting.  If insisting go braless, a good cover up may be wearing a vest over blouse, or a camisole under.  A good camisole will prevent the breasts from bouncing around, and give coverage to the nipples.

The choice to wear a bra or not is a woman’s preference.  Some people do not feel comfortable in public when they are braless, while others never mind if people say they’re “indecent”. But remember that even if you hate the bra, your job and some social occasions may demand that you wear one.

  • Sofia Johnson
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A New Type of Bra: Clap-Off Bra 0

Clap-off bra?  The name may suggest how it works, but for those who would like a sure answer, it is a strapless bra that can be unclasped by clapping your hands, or when people nearby clap their hands. This is a new invention by media artist and engineer from San Francisco, CA, USA, Randy Sarafan.  He said that he was inspired by the Syrian lingerie such as the cookie bras, glow in the dark bras and knickers, and other remote controlled items. 

He further explained that “In the West, we often think of Arab cultures as sexually repressed societies, when in fact it turns out that they are leaps and bounds ahead of use in advancements in lingerie technology”.  So he made it his mission to introduce this Syrian technology to the West, and began by creating the clap-off bra. The guy has even posted the do-it-yourself instructions on his DIY website, Instructables, for people who would like to create this clap-off bra for themselves.

The bra is battery powered, and uses a switch which is controlled by an electromagnet.  The switch opens the bra clasp when you or someone claps.  You may recall when the Clapper was introduced years back.  The clapper is a device that allows you to turn the light on or off by just clapping, and it is not only used on light, but also in some electronic appliances. People were so excited then, as they can control things without touching them. 

However, is this bra acceptable to all women?  Would they be interested to purchase the clap-off bra?  It is certainly beneficial for some who have physical disabilities, or suffering from arthritis who always find the bra clasps very difficult to use.  With the clap-off bra, they will just struggle to put the bra on, and when it’s time to take them off, they can just clap their hands and the tit slings will fall off. Some girls are too lazy or too tired after a harrowing day that they just fall to sleep with their bras on.  These girls usually wake up with under wire injuries.  With a clap off bra, they just clap, and the business is done. They sleep with no bra on, and wake up with no injury from under wire.

But you can’t wear the bra in all places. It may be ideal inside your bedroom or around the house, but definitely not in a concert, a sporting event, other competitions, and any place that is prone to rounds of applause.  Imagine dining in a restaurant while you are wearing a clap-off bra.  A customer might be celebrating there, and the singing waiters honor her/him with a birthday song.  What will happen to your bra after the song and everybody clap their hands?  Imagine further that your blouse is not tucked into your skirt or pants; you will most likely be picking it up from the floor.

Anyways, this is a marvelous invention.  It was featured in a TV show (Today Show) and surely was seen by million viewers. Husbands, boyfriends, are you ready to give your women such a gift?  It could be fun, don’t you think so?

  • Sofia Johnson
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