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Blog — Bra Fitting Guide


A Woman Should Determine Her Actual Bra Size and Fit, Not Anyone from a Bra Specialty Store 0

The most common complaints I often see when reading about bras is about size and fitting.  A woman even said that if only she could go braless without her boobs getting the pains from too much wobbling, she would prefer to not wear one. Some women who have hefty boobs find that the weight that they carry at the front causes the band of the bra to stretch out and ride up their backs.  Others find it uncomfortable to find that their breasts are showing at the bra bottoms, and still others complain that it is really difficult to find a right fitting bra.

These issues are all caused by wrong size bras.  And, friends, may I point out that there are also health problems associated with wearing a bra that does not fit your body.  Included here are shoulder and back pains, neck pains, and posture problems.  They can actually change the shape of your breasts, and also cause premature sagging.  It is not a good news for us women, especially if we consider that a majority of bra wearing females (is it 80%?, or more?)  are wearing bras that have the wrong size.  Have you ever wondered why?

Women who are not comfortable with the bras that they wear often follow the advice they receive from different sites that they visit – to go into a bra specialty store and be fitted.  Then the store’s sales assistants will recommend their brand to these women and the size that they believe will fit the customers. The women buy the bras, wear them, and find themselves suffering from the same problems after several weeks of wearing them.  There is a simple reason for this: measurements done at the stores and boutiques do not give the real accurate results.  If you are a 32F, you try a 32F bra and it may not fit you.  One other thing, if you are a 32F, the people at the store may think that your size is not normal, so they will hand you a bra size and make you believe that this is for you.  Is it because they know better?

This should not be the case.  As I have mentioned at the top, the measurements are not always accurate. So, you should find a way to get an exactly fitting bra, and that is going first to band sizes.  Try on several bras until you got the band right.  Then find the right cup size.  The key here is to try different styles. Like women, bras are created differently.  You should decide if you are comfortable with the band and the cups.  You can adjust a cup size up or down until you can move around, raise your arms and be active without your breasts showing at the top or at the bottom of the cups.

I would like to suggest to specialty bra stores to always consider the women’s bodies when suggesting a size to their customers.  For you, women out there, it is your comfort that should come first when choosing a bra, not what the fitting counselor of a store says.

Bra Shopping For A Curvy Woman Shouldn’t Be Difficult 0

When people talk about bras and they say you are curvy, it means, my friend, that you are blessedly endowed with large boobs.  Having busts that are sizable can be a beautiful thing, but usually you have to experience physical discomfort and the difficulty of finding a bra that is of good fit and size. The bigger your boobs are, the heavier they feel, and the extra weight at your front ultimately becomes a pain in the neck, in the back, and in the chest, also.  This can be true especially if you are a busty woman who wears a wrong size bra; it fails to provide enough support, besides digging  into your skin.

Some curvy women become discouraged when shopping for their large bras. Naturally they look for something that will make them feel beautiful. One common mistake that these women commit when buying their bras is skipping the fitting process during shopping.  They just choose several bras that they believe fits them well. It is really a challenge to find big bras especially if you have submitted yourself to measurement to get fitted. 

These days you can find plenty of options in locating flattering, comfortable and beautiful bras for busty women. Wonderfully supportive big bras are now always available from a lot of bra designers and can be easily purchased.  Gone are the days when large bras are plainly made, sometimes ugly, and looked like our grand mom’s undergarments. It’s not like that anymore.  However, if you are having a hard time shopping for your bras, remember to get fitted professionally.  This will allow your correct size be known to you, then you can find the style that you like the most.

If you are curvy and you are wondering where you can go to find larger sizes bras, the internet can be of great help.  There is a wider selection of bras in online stores it is amazing to find different styles and sizes that you cannot find in retail stores.  Being voluptuous should not worry you anymore.  There are endless options for you out there on the Internet.  The key is picking up the correct size, and don’t forget to have your annual fitting.  It is true that sizes of breasts frequently change.

Don’t be surprised that some of these bras carry a high tag price, because of the details that go with its creation.  However, you can always watch out for sales and special deals offered by some online stores. This way, you can take advantage of discounted prices.

You Ask We Answer (7): What Type of Lingerie Is Best For Big Boobs 0

Question (Grace of Ohio):  Hi, got a problem and it’s about my big breasts.  I mean really big, so that at times I am ashamed of them rather than being proud.  Besides getting unwanted stares on the streets, I frequently experience pains on my back. I would like to know what type of lingerie should I use to solve my problem.  Thanks.

Our Answer:  

For many people, big boobs are ideal because they make a woman look desirable and sexy.  However, large breast cups such as DD, DDD (labeled also as E and F)  are also associated with many problems that women experience.  Examples of these problems are back pains, unwanted attention, not being seriously considered by the opposite sex, difficulty of finding clothing that look good and reaching for things, and so many other big boobs issues.

If you are heavy breasted, it is very likely that you are carrying around a lot of weight, maybe between 15 to 23 pounds (for a D cup size).  So, definitely, you need to be supported by a good bra.  There are many types of lingerie that are designed for big boobs, some of these types are as follows.

Back support and posture support bras.  Including in this category are the long line bras which are a combination of bra and corset   These types of bras relieve the weight from the front, and do not ride up in your back.  It can help you stand or sit up straighter and maintain better posture, and prevent back pains.

Sports bras are for large breasted women who always exercise, walk or run and do other active things.  A super supportive sports bra can prevent broken capillaries, so your boobs will not be hurting whatever activity you are in.

Minimizer bras can resolve your clothing problems, but it is recommended that it be used only on special occasions.  Because this lingerie is very constrictive, it is not advisable to wear it on a daily or regular basis.

When you read online, you may find some  articles suggesting that to wear or not to wear a bra is an individual decision.  And it is you alone who can tell if you should or should not wear one. But if your boobs are really big, they could be heavy.  And you might find it difficult to move around without a bra supporting them.

Be careful when buying a bra that works for your big boobs.  Pay attention to band and cup support, including thick straps.  A supportive bra keeps your Cooper’s ligaments intact, and its support is distributed to your lower back.  The downward weight  of your breasts is supported and breasts are kept from sagging.

The right bra for your breast size is available in many lingerie stores nationwide.  But if despite the right fit, fabric and design of your bra, you are still not comfortable, the reason could just be that some bra makers produce bigger sizes of the smaller bras.  While these may fit you, the bras are not really designed for support and comfort that you need.  Maybe you should try buying from specialty shops that sell bras for really busty women.  It means buying online, if no such shop is nearby.

A great bra with a good fit gives you support, keeps your boobs and your spirit uplifted for as long as you use them.

You Ask We Answer (6): What Type of Bra Is The Most Comfortable 0

Hello, there. We always hope that your days are happy and blessed.  As usual, we are here again to share with you some beneficial information about a bra fitting and comfort.  This time, we will be answering a question from a girl who is barely on her teens and who is just about to use a bra.

Question (Dianne of Michigan):  Hi, I am in my grade school, and my mom says that I should be using a bra already.  So, sooner than I planned to, I need to buy my first few pieces of bra.  Since I am a new user, I am very particular about comfort.  What do you suggest as the most comfortable type of bra for me?

Our Answer:  

Wow!  What a question.  But we have an answer to that.  At your age, you may not need under wired bras, although they have padding usually, and can make your A and AA boobs look fuller.  For a first buyer like you, it is advisable to have a variety of models and styles, so try on a bunch.  From here, you can see what fits you, what makes you feel comfortable even if you bend or move around actively.

Any type of bra can be comfortable, because all bras are designed for function, comfort and fashion.  The important thing is that it fits you properly.  Pick the style according to your personal preference and whether it suits your body type best.   I am comfortable with a bra that looks great under a fitting top and that I can barely feel that I am wearing one.  Orlina’s has in their store various types of bras that are made for women who are looking for comfort when wearing a bra.  Here are some of the comfortable bras that you might want to buy.

Push up bra – has a design that is so sensual, creating a slim appearance under a snug-fitting top or dress.  Push up bra does not display bulges or lines that make you appear unsightly and feel uncomfortable.

Full coverage bra – All day support and ideal coverage is provided by this type of bra to all bra size women.  It has lightweight, molded foams that keep the cups shapely and smooth.  Helping the cups in providing comfort are the cushioned straps that stay secure and comfortable during your entire day.

Sports bra – has no underwire but it does a good job of flattering and supporting your breasts. The straps do not dig into your shoulders and never roll into the sides.  The racer back style suits very active women.  It is usually worn by them to the office and then to the fitness club, or up to the running trail. Support and shape are provided by the cups so you will feel comfortable especially so when there’s no underwire that will poke your skin.

So there they are and you will find comfort in any bra style that you choose, provided they are fitted to your body.  You should choose very carefully, because all women have different bodies and different sizes of boobs, and you can only say that a bra is comfortable when you can wear it all day and do not experience any problem.

You Ask We Answer (5): What Bra Makes Your Breast Appear Smaller 0

Question (from Nicole of Seattle): My question is about my naturally large breasts (36DD).  I admit that I am not happy with them, hate them, and always wish that they were smaller. A friend advised me that there’s a type of bra that can reduce the appearance of my boobs.  Can you tell me what it is?  Thank you.

Our answer:  

We think you size is wonderful and perfectly fine, and there is no reason to hate your own body. Please do not wear large clothes to hide your curve.  Of course, please do not go under the knife for a breast reduction surgery.  If you really want to downplay your size a little bit, your friend is correct: there is a bra type that can minimize the size of your breast.  In fact there are two: a minimizer bra and a sports bra. But may we remind you that trying to minimize the appearance of your busts may result in the other parts of your body looking bigger, such as your belly. 

The minimizer bra compresses and flattens your breasts and reshapes them so a smaller bust line is created.  Please make sure that you are fitted properly to help reduce the breast appearance.  Properly fitted bras will support and lift your breasts, which is very important to big breasts.  If you wear a minimizer bra that does not fit you, your breasts may appear bigger than they are, look saggy, or seen low on your chest.

When buying a minimizer bra, you must choose very carefully, because some models  will just push your breasts out to the sides of your chest, as if the bra wants to hide them under your armpits. This actually is a bra fitting problem Orlinas bras trying to correct and why you need a push in bra.

While wearing a minimizer bra is the easiest solution to your bra issue, it is not the only one, though.  There is also the sports bra, which can also help make your breasts appear smaller.  This bra type binds your “girls” to the body closer, so they get the support while exercising or moving actively.  As in minimizer bra, you should also be careful in choosing,  A sports bra can flatten your chest too much, so that you appear to have a uni-boob, or one rectangular, big boob.  

Alternatively, you can always try to lose weight to reduce the boob's size. This can be difficult, but you can try. Losing 10 lbs. can probably makes a big difference in how big your boobs appear.  Be aware that a woman’s breast is the part of the body where weight is gained first, and also the same part where weight is lost.

Lastly, we still believe your size is wonderful. Wearing a quality bra that can support the weight, lift, push up and push inward the breasts can help your boobs appear firmer and sexier. Try our specially designed bras at Orlinas and start to love and enjoy your curve.

Can You Fully Rely On a Bra Fitter? 0

Lifetime just had its bra fitting reality show, Double Divas, on air, which follows a duo Atlanta-based bra-fitters. In the premier, the bra fitters helped a church choir get fitted for the right bras, so that they can worry less about their front appearance and discomfort and completely focus on the performance. See

We completely agree the Double Divas that finding the right bra is by no means easy, although it seems that we have so many brands and products on the market to choose from. The work the bra fitters in the show did is fantastic and evokes us that every women should have our breasts measured as frequently as possible.

However, Orlinas alerts everyone: not every bra fitter is qualified. If they do a bad job, you will suffer lots of discomfort with the belief that your body is the criminal. We followed multiple lingerie stores, including national known brands, finding that a lot of stores have part-time or seasonal temporary workers, who might not get trained enough before putting a tape around the neck and act like they are the pros for your body.

So the results is that we have lots of customers complaining that they are confused with the true size for their bodies, and some others blame the confusion to inconsistency of bra sizing.

So here is the solution. Women, we can't fully rely on other people to judge our bodies. Go find any resource you can find to know yourself, your breasts, your back, your shoulder, and everything about yourself. The resources are bountiful online and you can easily Google "Bra Fitting" to get basic introduction. You can also refer to Orlinas Bra Sizing Guide for a clean and clear description.

It is not a rocky science, we promise. But mastering this skill, you earn life time benefits. Knowing your own body, you know what functions the bra needs to provide, you know what style fits you, and you know how to dress yourself the best. 

We want you feel and look the best. While you are searching your own perfect bra, we are here to help you. And don't forget Orlinas' Push Up Push In Support Bras, they are truly that great, you gotta try.