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Wireless Bra Or Bralette For A Sick Day 0

You woke up this morning feeling like death warmed over, a headache that's well on its way to a migraine and nausea so bad you skip breakfast. To top it all off, you've got a stuffed up nose and a fever. It's a sick day, alright. You don't feel much like wearing anything other than your pajamas, but you've still got to go to work!

Picking the right bra for a sick day is a tough choice. None of them look appealing, but you can't very well forego one. As far as you know, there are laws regarding public decency that need to be followed, and your breasts don't need a criminal record. What's the best type of bra for a sick day? Thankfully, there's more than one.

The Wireless Bra

This may very well be everyone's favorite bra in general. It's so comfy, and it isn't constrictive like most other bras are. Sports bras may seem like a good option, but they squash your breasts into such little space that you're lucky you don't shrink a couple cup sizes after wearing one. Your breasts weren't meant to be squished – it's why you hate mammograms so much.

Shape by Orlinas Delicate Lacy Wireless Bra SB1602

Shape by Orlinas Delicate Lacy Wireless Bra SB1602

Wireless bras come in a wide selection of sizes, so bigger-breasted gals don't have to worry about being left out in the cold. These bras provide just the right amount of support to avoid back pain while you're sleeping a cold off at home, and they're not too bad for a short work day at the office. Being under the weather doesn't have to mean being under-supported. Premium quality wireless bra can provide just as much support as a wired one, and lighter colors are perfect for thinner clothing that will keep you from sweating too much when you have a fever.

 Shape by Orlinas Romantic Push In Push Up Wireless Bra SB1604

Shape by Orlinas Romantic Push In Push Up Wireless Bra SB1604

The Bralette

This bra isn't as dainty as the name would have you believe. In fact, it may just beat the wireless bra for “Most Comfortable Bra Ever.” Bralettes don't have your typical cup formations with hard underwire, but they aren't tight and constrictive like sports bras are. Bralettes are the perfect middle man, and if you're staying at home on a sick day, they're your best friend.

Bralettes require little effort to adjust, but you can lengthen or shorten the straps of most. The space for your breasts can also be given a little leeway; a lot of bralettes won't come in cup sizes, but rather in regular sizes like small, medium, large and XL. It takes the fuss out of finding your cup size amongst the sprawl of selections.

Other Options 

You can also try T-shirt bras for a comfortable fit, or you can go the cami bra route. Cami bras have a broader coverage for your breasts, so there's really no need to ensure they're particularly perky. You'll get enough support to keep body aches away while letting your breasts hang free (so to speak).


The Right Bras for Curvature of the Spine 0

Curvature of the spine is a form of Scoliosis; there can also be symptoms of pain and other complications. This condition can be mild and can also be serious. Scoliosis cannot be cured by exercise and good posture. However for mild and moderate spinal curvature, you can feel and look better with exercise and wearing the right style and properly fitting bra. Finding the right bra is a common problem of women suffering from curvature of the spine.  It seems that regular bras from stores never fit right, so it becomes very difficult to find something that you can wear the whole day and you still feel comfortable.

Wide back bra scoliosis | side back support bra Orlinas

Bra straps falling off from shoulders is an issue to women with spinal curvature, because one shoulder tends to be lower than the other. The solution to this is buying a bra that has U back design or racer back straps. It does not necessarily be a sports bra, but the back of the straps of these kind bras look like a letter “U” or “Y”.  Even if your right shoulder is one to two inches lower than your left, the straps won’t fall off. They are easy to find in almost every specialty stores. 

If you can’t find the type of bras mentioned in the above, then perhaps you should buy a bra with straps that are sewn close to each other.  If this and all else fails, you can try looking for a small strap that will hold the two bra straps together when attached. This small strap should run parallel to the back straps of your bra, so they won’t fall off. 

Another issue faced by women with spinal curvature is when the bad rides up their backs.  If you are one of these women, don’t worry, because it takes only the right bra type to solve your problem. Get a bra that offers maximum support, not only at the front, but also at the back.  The wide back bands will keep your back straight and your head high.  Such features can be found in posture bras and long line bras.  The posture bras will control your posture.  The long line bras go down to your waist and provide support and comfort to your back.  They will stay in place even if they are worn for a long period of time.

Do you suffer from curvature of the spine?  Don’t fret; it’s not the end of the world.  All you need is to wear the right bra style and size and you will feel better.  You will also look better than when you wear a regular bra.  The right bras perfect for your spinal curvature, including Orlinas bras, may be a bit more expensive than regular bra items, but they will fit you right, they won’t fall off your shoulders or ride up your hump.

How A Properly Fitting Bra Can Solve the Armpit Fat Issue 0

The armpit fat, or underarm fat, is a common problem that women can’t seem to find a solution for. For many of these women, this issue is affecting their happiness as they can’t wear clothes that reveal more skin on that particular area. Some of them try working out, while others do only exercises for the arms, back and shoulders, and they get only very little help, or no help at all. It is a fact that targeting only the underarm area with these trainings is next to impossible. 

Some say that liposuction can be a possible alternative to workouts, however, I would not suggest that you go to that to remedy your problem.  It is a very costly procedure, and risky, too.  The underarm area does not only have fat, but also breast tissue and lymph nodes; there will still be visible skin folds and scarring.  There will be the risk to infection.  Add to these the fat will return simply as you start gaining weight.

So, what is the best option to remove armpit fat?  Well, most of my researches have proved that the correct style and size of bra can help in this area tremendously. Why, and how, you may ask.  It’s because the fat under the arms are mostly breast tissue.  So when you wear a bra with too small cups all over, this will make your skin and breast tissue to pucker under your arms. The bra styles that should be worn by women with armpit fat are bras with fuller cups, taller side wires and wider bands, as these features will help conceal the problem areas. Avoid wearing demi cup bras.

To find a properly fitting bra, you should first know your exact measurement.  Approach a professional bra fitter in a bra specialty store or looking for self-measurement guidance.  Even if you already have taken your measurement yourself before, it is highly recommended that you measure yourself more frequently and follow the specific size guidance for each brand, because bra sizes vary between brands, and your body changes overtime.

When you are fitting on a specific style and size of one brand, make sure that the bra really fits, and is not cutting into the area of your armpit.  You should move your arms out, up, and around.  If the bra style is a taller cup, you can expect some fabrics getting in the way, so you may decide on the matter of compromise.  See here for a bra buying guidance.

Another important thing, you should know how to put your bra on properly.  All your breast tissue must be contained inside the cup, including the very side of your breast and the tissue that is under the armpit. This step can make a huge difference in the feel and fit of the bra that you are trying on; and it takes just a few seconds. With the right bra style and size, you will look much more flattering, and your overall appearance, including the armpit area, will improve.

Know and Love Your Breasts Despite Imperfections 0

Each breast is different as every woman cannot be the same. Breasts can be in sizes small, medium or large, and can be in different shapes, too:  flat, pointed, sloping, pear-shaped, and so on.  Most likely genes dictate the shape and size of the breasts.  A majority of women are happy with the breasts they have, but there are a number also who are not satisfied with their twins because of some imperfections such as being too small or too large. 

Except for surgical solutions to make your breasts perfect, there is nothing you can do naturally to change the size or shape of your breasts.  If you are on the development stage, you can just wait until their size and shape becomes fully developed.  Breasts will also change throughout a woman’s life. However, there are currently many good bras that can help resolve some small issues you have with your breasts. Let us see some examples below.

Breasts are uneven

It shouldn’t be a major issue.  Having a breast which is a bit larger or is sitting higher than the other is just normal.  For some women, they even up eventually as they develop further.  If you are bothered by the difference, use a good supporting bra to make the condition less obvious.

Nipples are inverted, or are sticking out all the time

Some nipples are turned inwards, and this can happen either from birth, or as the breasts are in the development process. This can be corrected by a niplette; this is a device that is shaped like a thimble, and put over your nipples for them to come out.

There are nipples that are always sticking out or become erect even if they are not cold or get rubbed into clothing. Wearing a padded bra will cover them and will not let them show.  There are also skin-colored nipple covers that you can stick on over them.

Nipples have hairs around them

Most women are not comfortable with the hairs that grow around their nipples or areola (the darker skin surrounding the nipples). While this is normal, you may want to get it off using small scissors.  It is not advised to shave or pluck the hairs as doing so may cause an infection.

Stretch Marks

If your breasts grow and develop more quickly than normal, stretch marks may appear. These are the red lines that show on the breast skin.  These marks can also develop during pregnancy, when breasts tend to grow larger. Keep your skin well moisturized and supple.  The marks may fade to match your skin color overtime.  For some women, they may stay throughout your life.

Your breasts are among the many things that can do a major boost to your confidence.  Perfect or not, they are meant to be loved and cared for.  They are a symbol of your femininity and can really make a difference on your appearance. Whatever is your breasts’ size or shape, be happy with them, and everything about them.  

Is Wearing The Sports Bra Alone When Running Okay? 0

A sports bra is a type of bra that provides control and support to the breasts when you are doing workouts.  During running, jogging, brisk walking, a sports bra minimizes bounces so that discomforts and breast pains are prevented. Most of all, this bra contributes in delaying the sagging process. Sports bras have varying levels of control that are suited to the kind of physical activity that you do.  For brisk walks, there is the light control; and the medium control for jogging.  For more vigorous workouts like horseback riding and running, there is the high control sports bra. 

However, there are discussions online as to whether or not wearing the sports bra alone when running is appropriate.  If you search further, you will find that still, there is a considerable amount of women who are not in favor of it.  They are just not into showing some more skin, and believe that sports bras are still bras, and should be worn with something over them.

There is no issue when it comes to men running shirtless.  They can do it and their purpose is to get the breeze.  Unfortunately, women do not have such option, so they should wear the sports bras when working out.

Women who agree that you can wear the sports bra without a top give different reasons. For some, it is okay as long as the body is fit, the breasts are not too large, and the midriff is not bulging. Others say that you can do away with only the sports bras if you run on a beach as the temperature there is so hot and most of the people there are only in their sports bras. If you intend to go to a gym, you must know first if you will be allowed inside with only a sports bra and shorts or jogging pants.  Some gyms require that you wear a t-shirt on top, especially if you have pierced belly button.

Most parents are agreeable to their daughters’ wearing sports bras sans the top when training and, if allowed, in races.  In schools, they are required to wear a shirt over it, to prevent the unnecessary attention and remarks from the boys.  Some say that younger girls can feel the heat and sweat faster than the adults, but others just naturally get hot. So, to wear or not to wear a shirt over a sport bra depends mostly on the wearer’s comfort.

Sports bras come in different styles, so you can choose the style that is suited for wearing alone. Some are designed especially to wear without a top over them, such as those that are colored, instead of white, and those that provide full coverage.  Rule of thumb,  it is OK to wear a sports bra alone as long as the sports bra provides needed support and does not invite second looks and comments by other people.

Interesting Breast Facts That You Would Want To Know 0

Breasts – women got them, talk about them and think about them.  Men and women look at them, and are obsessed with them very much. To be able to understand this obsession about breasts, here are some interesting facts about boobs.  In fact, there are so many, but here are ten of them.

  1. Women in America are buying bigger bras.  The average breast size is now up to 36DD or DDD, a big increase from the average 34B 10 years ago.  One reason given for this is the estrogen, a hormone that causes growth of the breasts. Today’s women are more exposed to estrogen than the women of the past years.
  2. The majority of women (85 out of 100) are not wearing the correct size bra.  How about you?  Do you feel that your bras are the right size for you?  Remember that each woman has her own body shape and size, and the bra sizing standards may not conform to the exact measurement of everyone.  Add to this the bodily changes that a woman goes through the years.
  3. Seventy percent of women are not happy with the size and shape of their breasts.  Because of this, they do not stop looking for ways to increase or decrease their size.  Fortunately, some options exist that can help them achieve the size and shape that they desire. There are the exercises, pills, surgeries, padded bras, push up bras and minimizer bras, according to their needs.
  4. Boob play or breast action can turn a woman on.  Some can even have orgasm even if you don’t touch them down there; what is needed is just to stimulate the breasts. 

  5. Your breasts can hurt while you exercise, and it is just normal. However, if your breasts can show their emotions, you’ll probably see that they are not really thrilled seeing you putting on your running shoes. Breast pain is the problem of one out of three women runners.

  6. Breasts move a lot.  Whether you walk slowly or briskly, your breasts move. Running, jogging, cardio workouts, and aerobics can make your girls bounce around.  To minimize the bounce and reduce breast pain, it is important that your sports bras are elastic enough. Regular exercises can give you perky breasts, so continue exercising even if you feel pain.
  7. The largest breast that made it to the Guinness Book of World Record in 1999 is of an American woman.  Her chest measurement was 70 inches or 5.83 feet, and each boob weighs 56 pounds.  So don’t get annoyed with your boobs if you think they are too big, if you don’t want to be laughed at by the woman who has the world’s largest breast.
  8. The majority of women have breasts that are uneven.  Don’t freak out if your girls are not identical in size, and they can have a difference of up to 20%.  Usually the left breast is bigger than the right, but, it’s no big deal.
  9. The most popular plastic surgery is breast augmentation, or breast implants.  This is to prove once again, that most women are not happy with the kind of breast that they have. Just don’t forget that while implants can make your breasts voluminous, there is a ton of side effects that come with it; and they are all scary.  So, think about it ten times or more before you go under the knife.
  10. The bra, since its inception, has come a long way.  It was 1914 when Mary Phelps Jacob was given a patent for making the modern bra, using two hankies and a ribbon to create what we call the “backless bra”.  In 1920, Ida and William Rosenthal worked with a friend to produce a bra with standard sizing.  From then on, the padded bras were introduced, followed by the push up bras, front hook bras and the fashion bustier.