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Bra Mistakes That You May Be Guilty Of Making (And How You Can Correct Them)


The bras being so small and simple yet so complicated is difficult to understand.  You buy them with so much anxiety; you hand wash them with time consuming efforts, and you put them on under your dress to find that your top does not look great over it.  But don’t worry, your day can still be saved.  Below is a list of some of the many bra mistakes that you may be guilty of making. There are so many of them in fact, but I will give you several.  There is an explanation under each mistake to guide you how to correct it.

Buying the wrong size bra

Many women seemingly do not know how to buy their bras in the right size. Some deliberately buy bigger sizes than the actual to make their boobs look bigger, while others buy smaller bras to make them look smaller. This is wrong.  You must accept your breasts whatever is the size and this is what you should buy. Wearing the right size bra will make you feel confident, enhance your image and improve your posture.

Not getting fitted professionally

To buy the correct bra size, you should first get yourself measured either by following the fitting guide yourself or by a professional fitter.  You might say that you don’t need one, or your can get a friend to get your measurement.  Is your friend skilled in bra fitting? If not, she might get it all wrong.  It is also possible that some fitters in the lingerie store are not trained well, so it is probably safer that DIY by following some professional guidance yourself (you can use our Orlinas Bra Fitting guide).  You’ll enjoy wearing your bras after these few moments and don’t forget to have yourself re-measured at least every half year.

Washing bras on a weekly or bi-weekly basis

You maybe one of those women who wear bras too many times before having them washed. Perhaps you only have two favorites that you rotate.  The first advice is for you to add more numbers, so you can wash your bra after a day or two of wearing.  Bras need also to rest, to allow the elastics to return to their normal form. Many days in between washes is not advisable because the oil from our skin can accumulate on bras and damage the fabric.  This means that you would need to buy replacement bras sooner than you expect.

Replacing your bra after a couple or more years

The common advice from bra professionals is to replace the bra after nine months up to a year. This may be applicable if your have a small collection of everyday wear bras, but if you have larger stocks and have more to rotate, then each of your bras may last longer.  Replacing your bra may also be necessary if you suddenly gained or lost weight, but get re-measured first before making a purchase.

Not looking close enough at yourself when trying on a bra

When trying on a bra, check everything:  spill-over, band, straps, cups, back fat, etc.  It is recommended to simulate some daily activities you normally conduct to see whether the bra provides the right functions you desire, like lift, support, style etc.  Women in military, teachers and nurses may desire strong supportive bras, and office ladies may pay more attention to the style. 

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