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Should a Woman Sleep In a Bra?


If you ask several women this question, you’ll likely be answered with either a “yes” or a “no”. Those who say “yes” find wearing a bra at all times, even in bed, a necessity.  They explain further that they want the additional support to prevent issues about premature sagging.  Women who answered with a “no” say that they are not comfortable with their bras on while sleeping. Others are concerned that they can develop breast cancer, if they habitually sleep in a bra.

Some health and beauty websites are consulting scientists who are studying the chemistry of a woman’s breasts, and they also have varied opinions to share. Those who advise women to always tuck in their breasts before going to bed cite the reason of gravity. It could only be either that your breasts are unsupported while you sleep for eight hours, or they are supported while you sleep for eight hours. The logic is as simple as that, although there are other factors that cause sagging breasts like pregnancy, breast feeding, and age.

Breasts that are held up stay up longer, one scientist says. To prove this point, look at your breasts at the end of the day, when you take off your bra.  Look at them again before you put your bra on in the morning, and you’ll see the difference.  Your breasts look higher after taking off the bra than before you put them on in the morning. However, this advice of wearing a bra at night does not apply to all breast sizes, as it all depends on the size of your breasts.  If your cup size is an A or a B, it is okay, no worries.  If your cups are larger than a D, say DD and up, you’d better wear one at night.  Your breasts may hurt when they sleep unsupported, so a bra is definitely needed, besides the support reasons.

Some scientists, though, are looking more at the discomfort when women wear a bra to bed than the issue of sagging breasts.  They say that changes in the breasts like sagging are caused by several factors, as mentioned above, and that it cannot be evidently said that it is helpful to sleep in a bra.  The story of a woman who wore a bra to sleep when she was only ten years old was also cited.  The garment was sort of a training bra, so it was very comfortable.  However, when she grew up and started wearing supportive bras some of which have under wires, sleeping in it became very uncomfortable.

Analyzing the pros and cons of wearing a bra to bed, I would like to say that this issue is just a matter of a wearer’s personal comfort.  If you do not feel like wearing one to sleep, then don’t worry about the sagging and drooping concerns.  If you want the support that bra offers even in the bed, then go ahead.  Just remember that you do not use a bra with an under wire, so you don’t get cyst(s) or irritated breasts.  Use a soft cup or a good sports bra; they are more suitable for sleeping.

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