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How Should Lindsay Lohan Wear a Bra to Avoid Side Boobs, Get Support, etc.


Ms. Lohan was recently spotted going bra-less again when getting out of a helicopter.  Lindsay is only 26 years old, but her breasts are already drooping.  In the photos, she was wearing a  halter necked dress with the side boobs showing.  As a busty lady, having side boobs shown is not really flattering.  Does she look at herself in the mirror before she ever leaves her house?  Or, does she think going bra-less is sexy? 

There are comments posted online saying that you could give Lindsay some advice about her teeth or hair and she would follow, but never about wearing a bra.  It is obvious that going braless is her styling choice:  to let her front knockers all hang out. It makes people wonder if she feels pain running around with her breasts unsupported and going in every direction.  

I personally think it extremely awkward with bras unsupported this way. What Lindsay needs is a stylist or an adviser that she would listen to: a person who can tell her not to go around braless.  At her present age, the breasts are already sagging.  If she continues to decide not to wear a bra, gravity will inevitably drag them down more, and by age 30, they may reach beyond her waistline (not kidding).

The skin elasticity of a woman as she gets older is decreased, so it can be stretched to the limit.  The combination of gravity and the weight of the breasts will make the breasts sag, which is already causing problem with Lindsay’s appearance.  You can see her breasts are hanging low and urgently needing proper support.  A properly fitted bra can solve the issue of sagging breasts.

Lindsay, please go to a bra specialty shop and get fitted.  Fortunately, there are now many lacey, colorful, sexy (if this is what you want) and supportive bras that can be bought in large sizes.  If you wear a not-too-revealing outfit, you can wear a bra with a wide back strap, which provides more support to the front.  A lacey bra with a single hook at the back may not offer enough support for the breasts. It is not late yet for you to “save” the breasts.  Over time breast tissues soften and easily get saggy.  You should try to wear a supportive bra to slow down the sagging of breasts as a result of the pull of gravity.  This will also prevent the side boobs from showing.  Wearing a bra will help you gain a youthful appearance of the breasts too.

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