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Following Bra Care Tag Instructions Will Make Your Bras Last Longer


If you bought a high quality bra, it is very likely that it has caring instructions on its tag.  The instruction is mainly on how to wash and dry the bra, because it is the number one factor that affects the lifetime of your bra.  If you follow the tag guidelines, then it is certain that your bra will serve you longer than when you care for your bra whichever way you wish.

However, washing is not the only way of making your bras last longer.  The normal lifetime of a good bra is usually from 6 – 9 months, sometimes up to a year. If you want your bra to serve you for more than a year, the following suggestions can wait.

Let’s go back to washing the bras properly.  A bra should be washed after 2 wears.  The soaps to use are those that are made specifically for bras and other lingerie.  These are gentle and the scent is very light.  Always hand wash and air dry.  This is a must!  If you want to just throw them into the machine, nobody can prevent you from doing that.  Be reminded, though, that it is your money.  So, if you want your bras to be machine washed, go ahead, but expect them to wear so easily and you will have to buy more of them.

Another suggestion to keep your bras longer lives is to have more of the basic bras that you  use more often.  You can have four to five, but the number is a minimum.  You’ll be more comfortable with seven to ten bras to rotate.  Do you have a bra that you like to wear always?  Purchase two of that, or more.  This will prevent you from always reaching for that one and only bra each day.

Avoid wearing the same bra for more than 2 days in a row.  Give your bra a break.  While the bra hugs you all day and stretches around your body, it goes under so much stress. Give your bra several days to rest to allow for some needed rest, just like a woman who is working very hard.

Get into the habit of putting your bras on properly.  That is, putting first the straps on, leaning over to put inside the cups your breast tissues.  And then hook the back of the bra, after which you adjust the breast tissues and the cups to make everything in place. It will also be alright if you want to turn around the bra to clasp it.  If the bra has a front closure, then this method will not be necessary.

Always look at your bra inventory once every few months.  Throw away all your worn out bras and visit a lingerie store online or offline to find new bras, or try something new in style and design. If you want to have your drawer filled with different bras, go ahead and buy more.  It will help you get dressed easily, and look your best, too.

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  • Sofia Johnson
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