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Reasons To Have Greater Quantity Of Quality Bras


Many women don’t seem to know that the bra they wear has already expired and cannot function properly anymore.  So they walk around in bras that should have been thrown away and replaced months or years ago. You may ask how long a bra should last, or how often should it be replaced.  The answer to your question is that it depends on several factors. You should know that a bra, even if it is of good quality, will not last for many years.

There are warning signals that tell you to say goodbye to your bra.  Here are some of them.

  • When your boobs are drooping and your bra is not doing its job of supporting them;
  • When wires get broken and poke through the cups;
  • When the bra cups have become misshapen;
  • When you gained or lost weight and a new size bra is needed;
  • When the elastic does not bounce back anymore because it has been stretched out;
  • When you use the tightest hook in clasping your bra, yet it still rides up your back or roams around.

The number of bras that you use is a factor that affects the lifetime of your bra.  If you have more bras,  and all are of good quality,  they need to be replaced less often. While it may cost you more upfront,  you might find yourself realizing a savings in the long run.  Women are always advised against wearing the same bra consecutively for 2 days,  or wearing their few bras weekly.

Some surveys show that women usually wear 4 bras or less, however the right quantity should be from 7 to 10 bras.  With this number, you are allowed to rotate them, say wear three or four for a week, and the other set for another week. The more bras you have and use, the less often you shall wear them, the less often you will replace them, because they last longer.

Speaking of quality bras, they are like shoes and clothes where some are constructed better than the rest. Chic and lacey bras are lovable, with sheer tulle and thin straps.  However, you know that they can’t last long.  In addition to this, some brands, even the popular ones, are not made well.  When a bra is priced highly, you can’t always expect that its quality is better, but there are a few times that you can.  If a quality bra is at a reasonable price, try stocking on them.  Stock up also on your favorite bra style, so you will not be always reaching for the one and only favorite everyday.

Investing in a good quality bra is a good idea;  look for reliable stitching, sturdy materials, and reliable elastic.  If you bought a bra, wore them, and washed them a few times, and they become stretched out, it means that you’ve run into a dude. If your quality bras are taken care of properly, they will not stretch out easily and serve you for a longer period of time.


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  • Sofia Johnson
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