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How to Show Bra Straps Nicely?


Sheer fabrics and tank tops are the trend of the summer months.  I said “trend” because women of today are getting bolder, filling up their closets with colorful bras, and wearing their innerwear over their outerwear.  For some people who see bra straps where they should not be seen, it is a big NO.  This group of people believes that bra straps should be hidden. However, more and more women are becoming in conformity with this existing trend, so they flaunt their bra straps over their bare shoulder skins.

If you ask some fashion experts particularly people who are more knowledgeable about bras on whether or not you should show off your bra straps, you will likely be given the following tips. If you want your bra straps to show, you can do it the sexy, flirty way. For example:

1.  Try contrasting colors.  A tank top, an off-shoulder dress or a top with wide neckline can be good reasons to show your bra straps off.  It may look casual yet sexy if you wear a black tank top with a bra that has a contrasting color.  This will be eye-catching, and you can show off your straps the fabulous way.

2.  Wear a sheer blouse that is not too revealing.  This season, sheer tops are becoming trendy, besides being a way to display your straps, as well as your entire bra.  Choose a top that is made of a semi-sheer fabric, so you will not be showing off everything.

3.  A colorful bra strap can make you look flirty when worn with a tank top while dining at a restaurant in a beach.  However it is not very appropriate to wear when attending a business conference or meeting.

4.  Choose a bra that fits well.  Bras need to fit perfectly especially if you intend to put them on display.  For a sheer top, get a nude shade full coverage bra.  The color will blend with your skin tone while you are being provided with the coverage your boobs need.  No matter what style of clothing you wear, make sure that the bra is well fitting.  This can make you look slim, improve your posture, and your clothes will look better on you.

When your bra straps show off, make sure that you intended them to be seen, and that women who see them will approve.  Show your lingerie when you want to, but not to the point of being sleazy.

Summer fashions will reveal a lot of your skin so at this early, you should have decided whether or not you want to go with the trend of displaying your bra straps.  Apart from the traditional strapless bras, you can find interchangeable straps of different attractive materials that can accentuate your shirt or dress and help you make a fashion statement. There are also convertible bras with low back band that will not show because it goes around your stomach.  Well, this is for girls who can’t go without straps but wouldn’t allow them for people to see.

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  • Sofia Johnson
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