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Kim Kardashian's Side Boobs

Well, we at Orlinas have always addressed the importance of avoiding side boobs, or armpit fat bumps, whatever you want to call them. Here comes a typical appearance of side boobs.
Kim Kardashian, the 31-year old reality star who is pregnant with singer Kanye West's child, is due to deliver in July. Though just entering the second trimester, Kim is reported to have grow four size cups from 36D to 36 G.
While making a daily trip to gym with her customary low-cut black vest, Kim was spotted with a full bloom breasts that were hardly contained by her sports bra. While we love kim's curve and sculpted figure, we notice that there are noticeable side boobs hang around right under her arms.
Sorry, Kim, this is not a good underwear choice, and we have to let our customers know that this is exactly what a good bra and or properly-fitted bra prevents. While exposed in the air is not appealing, side boobs do not hide well under any dresses and tops neither, because the bumps show up underneath except you wear a real loose top.
Frequently measurement of the breasts is very important for every woman, especially for women who are pregnant or girls who just start to develop. This way, we can adjust our breasts size and make corresponding purchase. Side boobs are not only unpleasantly looking, but also creates inconvenience while moving arms. 
If you notice that you have side boobs problem, please also pay attention to your bra choice. Bras having side bone support normally make a better job hiding, minimize, and prevent the armpit fat. Orlinas bras are specially designed and customers proved effective at covering side boobs. Take a look at our Dream push in & push up bra for design details.
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