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The Bra Has Come a Long Way Since It Turned a Century Old


The term brassiere or breast plate was first used in 1907, and the first bra in the design that we recognize these days was first constructed in year 1910, by Mary Phelps Jacob, a New York socialite. These events happened over a hundred years ago, and from then on, the bra has remained a woman’s best friend.  Designs, materials and styles have changed, and the level of comfort that a bra provided has been enhanced.

Once you have breasts, wearing a bra becomes a must.  In the previous years, while some girls are eagerly waiting to get their first bras, others dread this thing to happen. Bras then, like anything new, are difficult to adjust to.  There were times that fastening them can be tough.  Once you have put a bra on, it can gap or bag, ride up, pop open, or dig. The straps can dig into your shoulders or slide off them.  Well, those were the most common complaints about bra.

The modern bras of today are not like that anymore thanks to the technology that has been put into the designs.  There are more features now that help enhance the look of your boobs and your entire self.  There are more styles from which you can choose what you like,  Bras are made available in different styles, forms and sizes;  they are also made of different materials.  Bras have really come a long way, and they have more to offer a modern woman. 

For example, if you want to wear sexy intimates, you can find them now in all sizes, all shapes and all styles.  You can wear anything from a sexy lace bra to a see through lingerie.  You can fairly do it, because nobody can see what you are wearing underneath (unless you want people to see them, of course).  If  you are a bit of a shy person and you want to shop for sexy bras, you can do your shopping via the Internet, rather than at a retail store.  Shopping online will be less embarrassing, easier, more convenient, and cheaper.  There is a wide selection, you just need to search by typing in the right keywords.  You do not need to look through the racks and shelves to find the bra style that you like.

The key for wearing a bra comfortably is going for fit.  Choosing fashion over fit may result in some physical problems.  Chafing, sagging breasts, sore neck and shoulder area are only some of the poor fitting bra issues.  You should find out your correct bra size and accept it.  IF your cups measure out a B, but you have always dreamed of having  C cups, you should get a B cup.  Never go for a size that you only wish you were; this will only prove to be a big problem.

Meanwhile, the bra style should be chosen according to your own preference, body style and your daily activities.  You wear a different bra when you are in the office, and a different one when you are exercising or engaging in sports.

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