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You Ask We Answer (3): Bra Choice under Off Shoulder Dress Top or Halter Top


Question (Tessa of NC):  There’s a party that I need to attend to and I’m thinking of wearing either my halter neck gown or my off shoulder dress.  Since I don’t want to go bra-less, can you tell me what bra type suits these outfit styles?

Our Answer:  

Both the halter neck and off shoulder dresses are worn on parties and formal occasion like school proms, homecoming, etc.  But some styles of halter dresses and tops are appropriate for everyday wear, although the manner of wearing them should be very specific.  For example, you wouldn't want to see someone wearing a halter top with the bra straps showing.  Similarly, it is also not desirable to see a woman in an off shoulder dress that shows a clear plastic strap that is attached to the bra.

As a woman, you have the freedom to choose to wear any outfit without the issues of bra lines that show through sheer clothing, or bra straps that show on the shoulders. You do not need to go bra-free when wearing an off shoulder, backless or halter dress.  You just need to learn matching the right bra for any particular dress.  This knowledge is beneficial as you can wear your chosen outfit with comfort, style, and confidence.

When wearing a halter dress, there are some things that should guide you, like avoiding wearing neck pieces.  The reason is because this style narrows down your neckline, because of the strap that you tie behind your neck.  If you wear a necklace or any piece, your neckline will appear smaller.  With an off shoulder dress, you can wear a neck piece that fits your style. 

The next big thing to pay attention to when wearing a halter neck or an off shoulder dress is the bra that you put underneath.  Because your back and shoulders will be bare, it is not appropriate to showcase your regular bras here.  There should be no visible straps that show, so the kind of bra to use is a convertible bra, or a strapless bra.  The convertible bra is another great invention and one of the most versatile bra that you can own.  You are allowed to use it with different styles of outfits and dresses.

The strapless bra is a classic style, coming with different colors.  Some models have convertible or removable straps, while some are totally strapless.  Some models are padded, but most have under wires to help in supporting the breasts.  A strapless or convertible bra is ideal to wear under spaghetti strip dress, a strapless dress, or a halter neck dress or top and off shoulder outfit.

When you use a convertible bra for your halter or off shoulder dress, you can alter the straps to suit the style and cut of your top.  This enables you to have the support and comfort offered by a convertible bra, and the look of your outfit will not be detracted.  Another good thing about convertible bras is that you can have many options.  You can have straps when you need them, you can have the bra in lace style, push up pads, or seamless styles. After you’ve made your purchase, try on your convertible bra and wear it around the house.  Doing this will let you know if it will be fun wearing this when the time to wear your halter or off shoulder dress comes.

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