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You Ask We Answer (2): What Is the Difference Between Not Wearing a Bra, Wearing a Bra, and Wearing a Push Up Bra


Question (Sylvia of New York):  As I commute to work, I see a few women who go around bra-less, but there are more who wear bras as I can see from the shape of their breasts.  Since I am regularly wearing a bra, I would like to know if there is a difference between not wearing a bra, wearing a bra, and wearing a push up bra.

Our Answer:  

Bras’ main function is to support the breasts.  At present, it has also been considered as a fashion item.  But not all women do wear a bra.  There are about ten to twenty five percent of women in western culture who choose to go bra-less. It could be a health reason, or they just prefer not to wear one. Some women feel they do not need support yet because they are still firm and they want men to stare at them.  Comfort is also one of the major reasons for going bra-free, especially when the bra straps causes pain and numbness on the arms as they dig into the shoulders.

Small or medium breasted women just can’t find a good reason of wearing a bra, even if this small undergarment can enhance certain types of clothes. However, not wearing a bra is a taboo in many places.  People consider bra-less women as indecent or immoral for letting their nipples poke through their clothing and seen by others.

So, whether or not you should wear a bra is your own choice; this is a thing for an individual to decide.  Most women consider bras as an essential part of their wardrobe, and they are not comfortable to be in public without them.  There are also some social and special occasions where you need to wear a good bra.  If you are not comfortable with wearing a bra, perhaps it has something to do with fitting.  A bra that fits should not feel so tight, nor leave strap marks on your shoulders or band marks under your breast. 

Bras may be a necessity because your breasts need the support that they provide. This especially applies to large chested women.  Ladies who engage in active sports like jogging may find the activity painful for their breasts if not supported.  Some women have other reasons of wearing a bra, and that is to conform to the code of the modern society, the dress code in their jobs, and so on.

A type of bra that can help your breasts lifted, look bigger and rounder in shape is the push up bra.  It can also enhance your cleavage, making them perkier.  Many women opt to wear push up bras as an alternative to undergoing a breast augmentation surgery.  The cups of a push up bra have some special technology built into them.  They are padded, have plastic or metallic under wires that render additional support to your breast bottom.

When choosing a good bra especially a push up bra, pick the one that is comfortable.  It should fit well and its style should work well with your particular outfit.  Consider also the support that the push up bra provides, and also its appeal to your taste.  When you are at home with only your family members to see, or when you are sleeping, you can give your breasts some free time by going bra-free.

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