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Starting From a Right Bra


Are the straps cutting your shoulders?

Do you run or jog with a lot of pain or bouncing?

Does your breast tissue spill out of the cups?

Do you have “armpit fat” that cannot be hidden?

Are your breasts far apart in the middle?

If you have any of these, you need shop around and get a new bra!

The first step is to find out the right bra size. As amazing it may sound, statistics have shown that 80% of women are not wearing the right bra size. The most important thing to remember is that a bra size includes both cup and band sizes. As a matter of fact, the volume of a cup from a 28DD bra is equal to the volume of a 34B. So for example, if you feel the band of a 34C bra is a bit loose, then the next step is not a 32C. The rule of thumb is that, every time you decrease the band size, you should increase the cup size – so a 34C with a smaller band size should be a 32D and vice versa.

Having the right size, the most important step is to find the right bra. Besides solving the above mentioned problems, a properly fitted bra should push the breast up and inward, enhance cleavage, eradicate the health problems and aesthetically improve your appearance.

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