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The Most Valid Reasons Why Women Wear Bras Apart From Fashion


Some women do not wear bras, the others do.  But those who do wear bras most likely have lots of complaints about these tiny undergarments. If they are not comfortable, women would want to take them off even before reaching home; the way they fit is tricky, and we poor women keep on shifting, pulling, and adjusting. It seems that bras do not offer any good benefit to us except for fashion and appearance.

Benefits of wearing bra | push in push up bra Orlinas

Bras were created because they have a purpose to serve. When we’re still young, our busts are also young and perky. As we age, the girls begin to sag.  Do you know why?  It’s because the pull of gravity is taking its toll.  Our breasts are upheld by the internal scaffolding, the ligaments, and the skin covering the breast tissue. Over time, these natural supports lose their strength. However, gravity is not the only cause of breast sagging; there is also the weight of the breast tissue. So, what was once up, should naturally come down.

We need the support of a bra to counteract the pull of gravity. Of course we cannot stop our breasts to sag because of the weight and the gravitational pull, but the process can be delayed.  Just always remember to wear a bra regularly. No, I do not mean you wear one round the clock, even when you’re sleeping.  It may not help if you sleep with a bra on (there has been different opinions regarding to this). Gravity pulls only when you’re up and about; when you’re sleeping, it goes away. Breasts that are supported early on will not droop fast; and it does not matter what your cup size may be.

Us women need to wear bras for health reasons also.  Wearing a bra helps prevent back pain and spine issues, and also correct our posture. Especially for the well endowed girls, the front bumpers can take a toll on the back, and this may cause pain and discomfort as we move about. The right bras can even things out and promote comfort.  We need the support that bras can provide when we are exercising and working out, in fact, even if we are just walking.  We can move jiggle free, because the bras counteract the discomfort, soreness and damage to breast tissues.

We can get the most benefits from wearing a bra if we only have the proper fit.  If we experience ill-fitting straps, poking under wires, bulky bands, etc, it is certain that we are among those 85 per cent of women who are wearing the wrong size bras.  If we submit ourselves to professional bra fitting, we are doing ourselves and our breasts a very good favor.

So there they are - the most valid reasons why women wear bras.  It’s more about health and practicality and less about looking like a lingerie model.  Bras provide support and comfort, improve posture, and prevent some health conditions associated with wearing ill fitting bras, or not wearing a bra at all. Don’t forget, unsupported breasts will get stretched out of shape, which all of us would not want to happen. So, let us all wear bras.

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