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What Cause Armpit Fat, or Underarm Bulge

What Cause Armpit Fat, or Underarm Bulge

If you have that fat under your arms, how would you feel?  Would you be comfortable and confident at how you look, especially when you are in a tank top, or a strapless/sleeveless dress?  No, you won’t be. This excess fat is commonly called armpit fat, or underarm bulge or armpit lump, or armpit bulge, or armpit fat hang; but whatever name you call it, it’s unsightly and definitely an eyesore.

There are many factors that cause armpit fat. It could be a genetic trait for some people. If you know your mother, aunt and grandmother all had this issue, then you should not be surprised that you have this problem also. If the upper body is not used very actively, such as working with your arms, or in strength training, you may possibly develop this armpit lump because the muscle tone to tighten up this area is very little. Another thing is the size of your breasts.  Do you have naturally large breasts? If you say yes, then the fat content in your chest is already high, and the chances of developing armpit fat hang is also high. Other contributory factors to underarm bulge include being overweight and hormonal imbalance and changes.

However, the most common cause of armpit fat is wearing a bra that does not properly fit.  When you wear a bra with cups too small for your boobs, then the tendency of your breast tissue would be to “escape” or “migrate” to the underarms region. This happens also if the band is not fitted right to your body. Overall, it is reported that 80% women do not wear a fitted bra. But even if you get your size right, it is still very usual that you have the armpit fat, as most bras on the market are not designed to prevent or cure this issue, if not worsen it, the following is an illustration of underarm fat rolls even the bra sizing is not the cause.

Armpit Fat | FinallyBra No Bulge Bra

No Underarm Bulge Full Coverage Convertible Push In Push Up Bra

Different women with armpit fat have different approaches to this problem.  Some try diet and exercise combined in the hope of losing the fat in their underarms. Others use topical creams containing licorice, but more studies must be done, though. More positive results are needed to prove its effectiveness. Some people who can afford agree to syringe liposuction or cosmetic surgery, which cost a lot of money.  This will also be painful; and if you are terribly overweight, only a few surgeons will agree to do it on you.  Your doctor can’t expect to see good results on this procedure.

To eliminate the appearance of armpit fat, the first and maybe the easiest thing to do is to find the correct size either by yourself or some experts. Having the right size, you need to select the bra styles that offer strong side support and push in function which help to push and cover more breast tissue under the cups. If you try an underwire bra, see where the wire ends:  it should be on the rib cage, not on the breast tissue. The wire ending on the breast tissue means that the cups are too small.  If your skin still bulges even if the cup encircles your entire breasts, get a larger size of back band. FinallyBra is the only brand that designs with preventing and banishing armpit fat in mind and see the picture below for the quick and stunning results.

Push In No Armpit Fat Bra | FinallyBra No Bulge Bra

No Underarm Bulge Full Coverage Convertible Push In Push Up Bra

How you wear a bra matters too. You need first fasten the band, then place your breasts inside the cup and slip the straps. After that, scoop the breast tissue that is under your arms and place them inside the cups, making sure that they are settled.  Adjust the straps to a two-finger tension.  See here for a detailed guidance of how to wear a bra right.

Bra is actually one of the most important pieces for women because it makes you look pretty when wearing right and magnifies your imperfection when you get it wrong. Get a right bra and wear it right, it is all that simple!

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  • Amit Jivani
Comments 14
  • Rola

    I recently noticed something under one of my armpits. I was initially scared and thought it was a swollen lymph node then was told by 3 physicians that it was fat. It looks more like a lump but it’s soft and you can’t feel anything that’s why I really do think it’s just fat. Has anyone ever had this happen to them?

  • Evelyn

    Please, apart from changing my bras, is there no drugs to get rid of this armpit bugs. It’s making me lose confidence in myself. Please help me out. Thanks

  • 40C

    What about fat that is behind the arms? I have one side that is more of a problem there than the other. Any recommendations?

  • Pratiksha

    I’m not fat but I have large breast since 2 year and I aslo got armpit fat .. and it looks terrible when I’m wearing sando 😒

  • Kim Moore
    Kim Moore

    Just recently explanted and now my breast are droopy and lots of side fat. I am having problems with cups sizes being to big . I have no breast tissue up top are they something you could recommend?

  • Marcia S Samuels
    Marcia S Samuels

    My armpit fat is way fatter than the pictures you show I wear a 36 b bra I try different sizes nothing help, am miserable.

  • Akanksha Pandey
    Akanksha Pandey

    I don’t understand why my breast size is still increase even my weight is constant and this was happen specially when I get the perfect bra size can u plaza told what can I do to lift my breast because it is to loose and hanged so I don’t get perfect bra and the second how I stop the growth of my breast even I m 21 years old

  • Elise

    Hi I think I’ve been wearing a bra that was too small me and has caused me to have armpit bulge , how can I relocate that fat or is that not possible ? X thanks :)

  • Sofia

    Hi Martha,
    Armpit fat happens to women of all ages and sizes and you are not alone there. Please make sure that you find the right size of bras first. If you are still not clear yet, please see “How to measure your bra size” here:
    Please make sure that you pick bras that targeting “no side effect”, which means that the bras have special functions at banishing the armpit fat. Additionally, the bra should have side support, which means it can help to relocate the fat back to cups. Orlinas bras are special armpit fat bras, so it is probably worthy of trying.
    Hope this helps and thank you.

  • sofia

    Hi Celine, yes scooping definitely helps. Actually we encourage you scooping as much as possible. On top of that, please wear bras that have strong side support and side coverage like Orlinas Shape bra, which will make sure that the armpit fat can be relocated to the right place (under cups).
    We thank you for your comment here

  • CEline

    Hi will scooping be effective if I raise my hands after scooping?

  • Martha

    I am for the most part pretty thin and medium size breasted. My arm pit fat is very noticeable and is driving me crazy. Usually when measured they tel me I am a b or c cup with 38" rib measurement. Please help it is a big problem for me

  • Nnaemeka Chinwendu
    Nnaemeka Chinwendu

    I think I got this information late because am a victim of under armpit fat,mine is now so glaring that it bulges when I wear a body fitted top or shirt and I fill so uncomfortable. I really need help.thanks

  • Sammy

    So if i change my bra to a bigger one will i lose my armpit fat???

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